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A Fully Equipped Human Resource HR Services on Demand

In order for businesses to be successful, they need to honestly assess their internal capabilities. Many companies don’t have the resources to meet the increasing demand of their HR workload. HT Supplier’s HR Services provides its clients with a comprehensive human resource HR services to choose exactly what they need.

Recruitment and Human Resource services provider agency in Pakistan for the Public and Non-Profit Sectors

HT Supplies & Services can assess and satisfy your specific business needs. We provide customized service packages for organizations of every size and budget. Our staff begins with an in-depth look at your internal HR operations to identify improvable areas. These services are designed to supplement your existing HR efforts, not to replace them. Consider us a helpful consultant who can also handle administrative tasks.

HR Outsourcing

For many small businesses HR outsourcing provides a way for them to match or exceed the level of HR services provided by their larger competitors without “breaking the bank.” Let the HT Supplies team help you deliver the most HR “bang for the buck.”

Small Business HR

Your small business needs to get the most out of your workforce in order to remain productive and profitable. HT can provide the cost-effective Human Resource HR Services that every business needs to succeed in today’s highly global marketplace.

HR Consulting

Jump-start your organization’s productivity by leveraging the expertise of our Human Resource HR consultants. They can provide a fresh perspective on, and concrete solutions to, a variety of issues that impact your bottom line.

Strategic HR

Strategic HR is based on a commitment to a long-term. HR strategy that guides your current and future HR decision, ensuring that HR policies and procedures help to support. your organization’s business objectives and contribute to growth and profitability.

Employee Relations

Ensuring staff satisfaction can be a 24/7 job by itself. Will work with your employees on your behalf to promptly resolve their issues according to your internal policies. Make it easy with our top class Human Resource HR Services.

Payroll Management

Jump-start your organization’s productivity by leveraging the expertise of our HR consultants. They can provide a fresh perspective on, and concrete solutions to, a variety of issues that impact your bottom line.

human resource hr services

Our decades of experience in human resources enable us to offer assistance in a full range of HR operations. Many of which can be difficult for business owners to oversee. Whether you need support managing open workers’ compensation claims, or assistance recruiting and everything in between, we’re ready to help. HT Supplier’s HR services can enable your team to work more efficiently which save you valuable time, money and manpower. on matters that can easily get in the way of running your business.


The HR services model allows you to offload your HR administrative responsibilities. Trained professionals while maintaining your current corporate culture and HR policies. Also we can offer guidance on any possible policy shifts or adaptations that your organization might be considering. Helping you through significant organizational changes, such as switching pay schedules, implementing new time management systems or changing major benefits.

human resource hr services

Services Human Resource Checklist

Safety Principles

Haider Traders will ensure health & safety of all our employees at site and will take care of everyone.
Haider Traders will ensure reporting of all near misses in our sites and will develop a strategy to eliminate accidents. Haider Traders will not only maximize the process of hazards identification but also risk assessment. As well as extent that it will reduce risk in every activity to its minimal.
Haider Traders will set annual objectives and targets of safety & health. Importantly will ensure that all jobs are catered according to the Standard Operating Procedures. Work process will be Without posing any danger to the life and health of employees.
H.T will communicate this policy across the whole organization to ensure that all individuals are aware of their rights. Especially responsibilities and are observing effective implementation of this policy.

Check List of Personal Items

One of our HR representatives is always ready to assist you and answer any questions you might have.