HT Supplies & Services

- Since 1995 -
World-class outcomes for brands and people through Outsourcing, Staffing, design, content, user experience and technology. We always value teamwork and shared knowledge. We believe “Team is an organization that builds entrepreneurs”.

Working with Instappoint is simple


Our biggest priority as an international service provider as well as a business & staffing consultant is to bring forth value to our clients in terms of product quality and pricing.


Communicating honestly and creating relationships is a big part of who we are. We believe that trustworthiness and transparency are vital elements in retaining successful business relationships.


We abide by the rules and regulations of business society. We believe that communicating ethically and morally towards our customers is essential to corporate growth and strength.

CEO Message

“Our capacity for volume performance and flexibility allows us to operate on a large range of projects. Our team encompasses quality, highly skilled and professional staff, with a high proportion of engineers to overall staff.”

CEO - HT Supplies & Services

Abdul Khaliq

CEO - HT Supplies & Services